Sunday, December 25, 2005

Does age matter

Does age matter?

Donald Trump’s television show, The Apprentice, attracted the largest audience the night he was to hire his 4th apprentice. Much about television is a numbers game which prompted us to think about the numbers in the show. Randall is 34, Rebecca is 24. Does age matter? Was it his ten years of maturity that made the difference, or what he chose to do with those ten years - his education and running successful businesses? Does a 20 something candidate have a chance against a 30 something candidate? What do you think?
It also begs the question, is age a barrier to success? Some of us feel old at 40. Our attitude and actions can make any number seem old. What if you go around telling yourself, “I’m too old to (sing in a choir, horseback ride across the range, insert your item here)?” Is that really true? Perhaps you are too old to climb Mt. Everest; that isn’t to say there aren’t still plenty of things left to do regardless of physical limitations. Who is stopping you from giving the recital, climbing the hill, doing what you really want to do? As coaches, we disregard the, “I’m too (insert complaint here)” excuse. There is always a way to modify whatever it is you want such that it can be achieved. Is there a library nearby? A hobby club you might join? Films to be watched? There are many ways to accomplish learning…and you can find the essence of your goals and dreams in many different ways.
Think about it: •What is the thing you’ve been telling yourself you’re too old to do (your Mt. Everest)? •When you look at that thing you’ve been wanting to do, what’s at the heart of it and where else might you find its’ essence? •Look for support. Getting support enables you to do what you want with more ease.
As coaches, we see age doesn’t matter. There are 23 years between us and we share times when we are being wise and times when we’re being silly or unwise. We share work ethics, steadfast support of our clients, interesting balance in our lives and much more. Age is a number and counts for things like a senior pass to the movies and possibly some extra points on the wisdom-o-meter, yet the 40 (or 30, or 20) somethings among us have plenty to offer as well. Our interaction as life coaches and workshop leaders is enriched by the difference in our ages, perspectives, and points of view. We say, “Yes” to it all and invite you to do the same. Let age support you when you need it to and be willing to resist using it as an excuse for postponing going for your goals and dreams.


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