Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pelee, Ontario

Pelee Island, Ontario, Canada, is an island in the western half of Lake Erie. Pelee Island is connected to the Canadian and United States mainland by ferry service. At 42 kmĀ², Pelee Island is the largest island in Lake Erie and the most southern populated point in Canada. Nearby Middle Island is the southernmost point of Canada.
The island is part of the Township of Pelee in Essex County, and has its own mayor, deputy mayor, and three Councillors. It is what is called a separated township. The township is comprised of 9 islands, the largest being Pelee Island, and including Middle Island, Middle Sister Island, Hen Island, Big Chicken Island, Little Chick Island, Chick Island, East Sister Island, and North Harbour Island.
Pelee is known for its autumn pheasant hunting which is the most lucrative form of tourism. The gross revenue to the hotels, motels, housewives, bed and breakfasts, transportation companies, and local businesses is about a million dollars over a six day period.
The island has been moving gradually towards a tourist oriented economy every year. Pelee Island is also part of an important flyway for migrating birds between Ohio, the Lake Erie islands and Point Pelee.


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