Thursday, September 11, 2008


Power is the rate at which work is performed or energy is transmitted or the amount of energy essential or finished for a given unit of time. It is many types of conversion
Power (physics) is the quantity of work done or energy transferred per unit of time. Motive power is power which moves great, such as output of a motor. Electric power generation is the process of converting any form of energy to electrical energy.
Power station, a capability for generating electricity, nuclear power, the conversion of nuclear force to electricity, solar power, the translation of solar energy to electricity, wind power, the conversion of wind energy to electricity, wave power, the conversion of signal energy to electricity, tidal power, the conversion of energy of the tides energy to electricity, geothermal power, the conversion of geothermal power to electricity, hydropower, the conversion of possible or kinetic energy of water to electricity, Optical power of a lens is the opposite of its focal length, Effective radiated power in radio telecommunications is a calculate of radio station antennas.


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